2016 WEDDING DRESSES - inspired by Gemstones


Annasul Y. 2016 bridal collection is inspired by the Cuts of Precious Gemstones

Influenced by the luminescent cuts of precious gemstones, Annasul Y.’s wedding dresses for 2016 captures the unique craftsmanship of diamentaires, transforming them into polished bodily forms for the brand’s collection.

Annasul Y., known for its cosmopolitan and chic designs with a focus on eccentric detailing, takes inspiration from diamond cut facets, which enable raw diamonds to reveal their shinning, inner beauty.

The names of Annasul Y. 2016 stunning wedding dresses are derived from gemstones including AgateCharoiteCitrineCoralJasperMalachiteMoonstoneQuartzTopaz,VarisciteZircon.