Annasul Y. Designer Weekend 2015


The designer bridal gown label, Annasul Y., is hosting the Designer Weekend 2015 in the United Kingdom featuring an exclusive preview of the 2016 bridal collection with a free gift for every gown order as well as a lucky draw to stand a chance of winning a dream gown.

The exciting event will be held for ten weekends from 11 September to 14 November at selected bridal shops around the United Kingdom whereby brides-to-be will be treated to the first-hand preview of the 2016 collection that is yet to be released in the market.

The greatest highlight of the event is the prize draw which entitles the brides-to-be a chance of winning her dream gown. Every bride who orders an Annasul Y. wedding gown at the event will stand a chance of being a winner to have her wedding gown fully reimbursed.

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